Nexus Multicultural Arts 2010 Adelaide Fringe Program

The Grind Show

Take a late-night journey through the looking glass into the dark retreat that is The Grind Show – a musical mash-up of Gypsy, Klezmer, Tango, Samba and Ska, with each night of The Grind Show promising a unique line-up.

Drink to the witching hour with house bands like the dirty Skanky Hoedown (appearing on Friday 26 February and Saturday 27 February), the sexy Caliente (performing on Friday 5 March and Friday 12 March) and the intoxicated Golonka (taking over on Saturday 6 March and Saturday 13 March).

Be entertained by a range of mysterious, wild and erotic carnie folk, including D. Licious, Adelaide’s own Professional Heartbreaker. Also featuring Josh Bennett versus Sen Bednikov in a continental music bout (Saturday 6 March and Saturday 13 March).

The Grind Show by Nexus Multicultural Arts – this is the real Fringe. Discover the dark, intoxicating spectacle at Nexus Cabaret… if you dare!

Nexus Cabaret
Session Dates: 26-27 Feb, 5-6 Mar, 12-13 Mar at 11pm

Ticket Prices
All tix:  $10; Fringe Artists: $5
Tickets available from


THE SKANKY HOEDOWN: The Skanky Hoedown features a group of inimitable, talented musicians who happen to be some of the ultimate ratbags from Adelaide’s fringe music scene! Offering ramshackle renditions and ill-gotten originals in a blasphemy of ska, jazz and punk, The Skanky Hoedown invite audiences to “skank it up” on the dance floor…

CALIENTE: Discover the authentic sounds of Rio de Janeiro where samba and choro were born! The infectious melodies and rhythms of Caliente’s music are sure to cure any Saudade (intense longing) for Brazil. World music fans will love Caliente, a local act featuring the Bandolim, a 7-string guitar, and also the Cavaquinho, a small 4-stringed guitar.

GOLONKA: Golonka are the new sensation on Adelaide’s roots music scene. The five-piece band creates a blend of gypsy, French folk, klezmer-punk and anarchic dance music. Golonka’s gigs have been described as “joyful dance orgies”, but Golonka can also seduce an audience with the soulful, moody pieces in its repertoire. Golonka’s music tells of the world: the moon and the stars, war and peace, love and jealousy and, above all, the lust for living that comes out in the band’s live shows.

JOSH BENNETT: Josh Bennett has performed worldwide on a myriad of strings, skins and hollow things. Whether picking up a storm with The Lawnmowers (at the cutting “hedge” of bluegrass!), exploring Indian raga on tabla with The Silk Road Project, or taking music to the edge with Guitar Safari, Josh always has a unique musical story to tell. Key ingredients in his melting pot are blues, jazz, Celtic, bluegrass, African and Indian influences.

SEN BEDNIKOV: Born to a Russian father and a Chinese mother in the land-locked country of Tena Tuva, Sen Bednikov has travelled the Silk Road through Central Asia, picking up various musical forms in his trek to Eastern Europe and later Australia. His musical philosophy extends beyond the confines of any one instrument, but of essence to Sen’s work is the creation of that beyond the mainstream. Sen’s melodic expressions are those of longing – not only for a land less dry and less hot…

KEV LYMN: Kev Lymn is the ultimate folk / blues / country touring musician, having travelled through Europe and the USA with nothing more than a guitar case and an indefatigable amount of new music written, recorded and performed on the road. Kev is a master of the dobro and slide guitar styles and, above all else, a dedicated writer of song. He most recently performed at the Adelaide Big Day Out with his band The Pragmatics.

D. LICIOUS, PROFESSIONAL HEARTBREAKER: Looking for some tough love? Adelaide’s own human canvas and Professional Heartbreaker, D. Licious, is here to help. The briefcase-wielding D. Licious will teach you how to manage your love life like a giant multi-national corporation, melding cool-headed professionalism and romance. All while wearing a fabulous coat of body paint.

  1. body paints are quite nice when you are out at a pool party or just about any party!

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