Nexus Multicultural Arts 2010 Adelaide Fringe Program

West Side Stories Program

Welcome to West Side Stories, the wonderfully diverse program being presented by Nexus Multicultural Arts during the 2010 Adelaide Fringe.

The 2010 Adelaide Fringe runs from 19 February – 14 March, but our program kicks off early with the opening of a fabulous new exhibition in the Nexus Gallery on 11 February.

The West Side Stories program is brimming with amazing experiences and stories – check out these fantastic acts:

“From Chekhov With Love” by Adelaide Russian Theatre (Nexus Cabaret)

“Violet Rapscallion” by Bird Wizdom (Nexus Cabaret)

“CARMEN” by Yasmine Amber Flamenco (Nexus Cabaret)

“Brilliant Creatures from Planet Fringe” by The Imagineers (Nexus Cabaret)

“Ghana In Groove” by The Damushi Ensemble (Nexus Cabaret)

“An Awkward Seduction” by The Secret Refuge for Wayward Beauties (Nexus Cabaret)

“Celestial Echoes” by Siobhan Owen (Nexus Cabaret)

“The Grind Show” by Nexus Multicultural Arts (Nexus Cabaret)

“It came from outer space…” by Nexus Multicultural Arts (Nexus Gallery)

Also appearing at Nexus Cabaret during the 2010 Adelaide Fringe will be The Caliente Trio, Cypher Sapiens, Ekata: Music Voice Dance, Matsuri Taiko and Three Men Six Arms. For more information on any of these acts or to purchase tickets online, go to

You can download a PDF version of the full West Side Stories program here.

We hope to see you all on the West Side during 2010!


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